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~The Alchemical Wedding Of The Christian Rossycross ~








 opening the thomb of the father C.R.C



’On an evening before Easter I was sitting at my table and after I had communed with my Creator, as I was accostomed to do, in humble prayer and meditation on many great mysteries which the Father of the Light in his majesty had shown me abdudantly,  I desired to prepare, together with my beloved paschal lamb, a pure, unleavened wafer in my heart.’






      Who was, or rather who is Cristian Rosycross? He is prototype of the true, original man, the new man who is truly Christian; who has freed the Christ within him by walking the path of the cross in the power of the rose.

    The path of liberation that dialectical man must follow is the path of the fivefold Gnosis. And that is th way of the cross. In the cross two lines of force meet which are diametrically opposed. It means a total change, a conversion of the forces, an alchemical transmutation. The rose must be freed through the way of the cross of the transfiguration. That is why we speak of the Rosycross. This work has to be done in the power of Christ, the electromagnetic power of the universal life. that is way the person who trully follows and fulifils this path is a Christian Rosycross.

     What  was  intent  of   Johan Valentin Andreae, a uthor  of  the   Alchemical Wedding  of  Christian Rosycross,  which  is  one of the  most  well-known classical  manuscript   about  the   Brotherhood  of the Rossycross ?  Great controversies have flared up about its value and meaning.

     The contents of the book are trully fantastic and is by no means written in a veiled way. This book is meant to be a key to the path, it is a clear confirmation of a person's own experiences. There are three ways to understand the book sucesfully: as a key-bearer, as a beginer, and as a one who experiences. Whoever realises that he has received a key also knows there will be a door into which it fits, and where is the door there is also a house. The house of mankind that Christ called "my Father's House", in which " there are many mansions."  The Alchemical Wedding describes the path that leads to this house. 

During a period of seven days C.R.C. goes trough various ceremonies and trials, finally becoming a knight of the Golden Stone. Only a great modesty and self-konowledge make C.R.C. victorious. When, having reached the end of his ordeal, he must write his name in a small chapel, he writes:

"The highest knowledge is that we know nothing". 






excerpts from:

Jan van Rijckenborgh. 1991. 'ESOTERIC ANALYSIS OF THE CHYMISCHE HOCHZEIT CHRISTIANI ROSENCREUTZ ANNO 1459'. The Netherlands: Rosekruis Pers.


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