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   Prognostic's Insight:


  "Hermes Trismegistus"
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수사학은 독서와



  Who was, or rather who is Hermes Trismegistus?

Hermes is the true heavenly man who passed trought the portals of the Golden head. for this reason he is called 'Trismegistus', 'the trice Great One', for heavenly is ealted in a threefold sense: religious, scientific and artistic. religion, science and art constitute a perfect equilateral triangle for him.

Hermes is the nature-born man who has embarked upon the path of liberation; who has gone trought the cave of birth of Bethlehem and in this way recived the new soul state. He is the one who is now weaving the golden Wedding Garments the basis for the new born soul state, while the new state of consiousness, the mercury of the hermetic consciousness, also begin to manifest itself.






 [ excerpts from:]

Jan van Rijckenborgh. 1982. The Egyptian Arch-Gnosis I, Harlem, The Netherlands: Rosekruis Pers.




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