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-The Emerald Table of Hermes -






’It is true! It is certain!    It is the whole truth! ’


’That which is below  is equal to that which is above, and that which is below is equal to that which is below, in order that the wondersof the One shall be acomplished.’



         Many legends exists in conection with this Emerald Table. The Table referred to is tombstone covered with inscriptions, which contain the traditional wisdom of the ancients. The classical wisdom was hewn in the tombstone, under which the undamaged body of Hermes Trismegistus was found.

   ( This reminds of the temple of the tomb of the Christian Rosycross, with the bronze plate also full of formulae of universal wisdom.)

    Tabula Smaragdina is meant to be the beginning of the hermetic filosophy. Without this key, it is impossible to understand the Arch-wisdom of the Gnosis. In the first line it is declared that the thruth, of wich the Tabula Smaragdina testifies, is completely confirmed by the expirince of one's own personality in the microcosmic system.

We could also recognize in these excerpts the well-known hermetic axiom: 'As above, so below.'






excerpts from:

Jan van Rijckenborgh. 1982. The Egyptian Arch-Gnosis I. Harlem, The Netherlands: Rosekruis Pers.




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